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Dragon T-light holders & Sculpture


Terracotta Dragon scented T-light holders, come in two different sizes
MINI Dragon approx. height 18cm
SMALL Dragon height 23cm

The Mini and Small Dragons can be used in doors or outside. Great in the summer time for citronella or lavender scented T-light candles, helps to keep the insects away. Inside the house they are a great feature of any room, from bathroom, kitchen or sitting room. The light shines through the scales as well as the dragons mouth. Made from terracotta clay, thrown on the potters wheel then assembled, no two dragons are the same they are all unique.

The Dragon sculpture is approx. height 35cm diameter 25cm. This can be used as a chimney pot for a BBQ, garden plants can grow out of Dragons mouth or you can place the dragon over a large candle. It has no scales cut out of the dragons body.

Please contact for a postal quote outside UK.

  • 'A' Dragon Mini Sold Out
  • 'B' Dragon mini 100%
  • 'C' Dragon mini 100%
  • 'D' Dragon Small 100%